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    Electric skateboards are powerful vehicles and require skill and knowledge to ride safely.  Please read before your first ride.

    Personal safety

    • Always wear a helmet to avoid serious head injuries.  Gloves and pads are highly recommended.
    • Ride only as fast as you can stop safely.  No machine is guaranteed against malfunction.
    • Never ride mentally fatigued.
    • Learn to fall safely.
    • Learn to foot brake.

    Battery and components

    • Never ride downhill on a full charge.  Regenerative brakes are designed to shut off at full charge to prevent battery damage.
    • Always charge the batteries under supervision and away from flammable objects.  Although safe, precaution is advised.
    • Never use generic or other brands' chargers.
    • Always gently push down the battery packs into the connectors.  Never force fit.
    • Never leave batteries depleted for an extended period of time.  Once lithium ion cells drop below 28V, recharge may not be possible.  For long term storage, charge to 3 bars on the battery meter.
    • Never touch the electronics to prevent personal injury and short circuits.
    • Periodically check your bearings.  Listen for irregular or grinding noises.
    • Periodically ensure all screws and hardware are tight.  Never over-tighten.
    • Contact Hoyt St before modifying or DIY'ing on your own.  We're here to help.

     Remote control

    • Prevent dangerous, unintended acceleration - turn the board OFF whenever the remote control is off.  Alternatively, keep BOTH board and remote control on and lock the remote control by double-clicking its power button. These are the surest ways to guard against interference and signal hijacking.  Although the receiver's EMI shield provides protection from such attacks, turning off the board will guarantee it.
    • Always ensure your remote control is charged before every ride.  It will vibrate when it drops to 10% charge.

    Your environment

    • Avoid riding in wet conditions.  Hoyt St boards are water-resistant, not water-proof.  Grit, sand, and deposits may work their way into the motors, pulleys, belts, and wheel bearings.
    • Always assume you are invisible to vehicles and pedestrians.  Ride defensively.
    • Never ride at night without lights.  Be seen.
    • Never leave your board in a hot vehicle.  The heat may have adverse effects on the bamboo, electronics, and batteries.
    • Always follow local laws and ride respectfully.  Electric skateboards are gaining widespread attention from local governments.  Work together in getting the law on our side.