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    Our single-minded passion is to responsibly build powerful, reliable and beautiful machines that exceed the expectations and needs of the growing community of electric skaters.  We regard each purchase as the start of a relationship and service every board as one of our own.


    The first ride on an electric skateboard is a rush like no other - an instant obsession. This "bolt from the blue" has struck many and we're no exception.  After decades driving product creation and innovation at Nike Inc., we were compelled to create our own electric boards from that moment on.  In our minds, we left Nike that day.  Soon after, we left for real.

    Along the way, a series of talented Portlanders joined us - craftsmen, designers, engineers, and collaborators, many of them skaters.  We shared a fascination for speed and beautiful machines, and together, we built a collection that embodies our vision.

    Incidentally, if you're reading an ABOUT US section, perhaps you share our fascination with Esk8.  Welcome newcomers, enthusiasts, addicts, and the spectrum throughout.  The Hoyt St team looks forward to meeting you one day.  The wild and crazy world of Esk8 is small and many of us will be racing, comparing boards and sharing knowledge soon.  We look forward to introducing boards to this incredible community of future-minded skaters.

    - The Hoyt St Co-founders



    Foamposite/US Patent #5785909.     Monkey Paw/US Patent #5896683.     Air Shox/US Patent #08978273


    Hot Knife/US Patent #8393028B2.    Chassis/US Patent #6401366.            Flexiplate/US Patent #7263788


    Centipede/US Patent #8151485B2.    Visi Phylon/US Patent #6132663.     Flywire/US Patent #0018075A1


    Kirigami/US Patent #0325918A1.      Fabricsole/US Patent #7704430B2.    Hyperfuse/US Patent #0066931A1


    Joyride/US Patent #0216167A1.         Modular/US Patent #0303631A1.    Double Lasting/Trade Secret