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    Intended to create the dilemma of whether to hang it on the wall or ride it, Hoyt St Electric Skateboards are handcrafted works of art, made locally in Portland, Oregon.  But don’t be fooled by their beauty, these boards are powerful and reliable speed machines.

    Powered by military grade, 2200W motors designed and engineered in the USA, each producing 2.75Nm torque and rated to 42A continuous and, constructed with high-grade Japanese 0.2mm silicon steel laminations, polyamide ultra-high temp (240C) windings and 180C rated N45UH Neodymium sintering, these motors are permanently bonded and internally sealed, protecting critical components from weather, debris, and vibrational hazards for long-lasting operation in demanding conditions.

    Motor mounts equipped with spring-loaded auto-belt tensioners and black alloy steel screws to resist loosening and stripping, motor pulley caps shield against debris and water are locally manufactured CNC 6160 Aluminum.

    Every Hoyt St deck is an integrated rough-sawn and laminate construction of 100% bamboo, a sustainable and fast growing grass with a higher specific compressive strength than wood, brick or concrete and a specific tensile strength that rivals steel.  The Duodeck construction produces a tuned stiffness that delivers performance and stability at speed and in turns.

    Electric skateboarding is a dangerous hobby and a reliable remote control connection is essential for safety; the Hoyt St Puck is engineered with proprietary radio control technology that evades interference while maintaining stable receiver sensitivity.  The transmitter channel hops every micro-second across 16 channels to deliver the most secure level of uninterrupted  connectivity.

    A unique aspect of the Hoyt St EL1 is its flyability.  The 270Wh battery system has been designed to meet FAA air travel regulations as a carry-on item and are accepted on most airlines.  Additionally, every Hoyt St Electric Skateboard comes equipped with a free, collapsible travel pack for checking your board.  Rather than an expensive box that ends up in the trash, Hoyt St decided to downplay costly box graphics and include something of longterm value.

    Hoyt St views every purchase as the start of a relationship and service every board as one of our own.  Tune up services are offered to Hoyt St board owners to ensure your board stays in optimal condition.  Please see SUPPORT for more information.

    All designs are limited editions seasonally updated with fresh graphics.

    Model: EL1/Boo’ger
    Speed: 28/26 MPH
    Range: 12-16/11-15 Miles*
    Grade: 30%
    Weight: 19.5/17.5 lbs
    Max Load: 250 lbs**

    * Range is dependent on many factors; please use our RANGE CALCULATOR for a more accurate assessment of the range you can expect for your weight, terrain, riding style and climate.

    ** Reinforcement to increase load limit possible.  Please contact us for more details.

    Hoyt St Bearings Hoyt St Bearings
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